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Daniel S. Aegerter is Chairman and Founder of ARMADA Investment AG. He established his family office at the age of 31, after the successful merger of his B2B software company TRADEX Technologies to Ariba for $5.6 billion dollars in March of 2000. It was one of the largest software acquisitions at the time. In 2012 Ariba was acquired by German software maker SAP.
Mr. Aegerter’s entrepreneurial spirit and ability to drive strategy to execution are the key drivers for his business success. His entrepreneurial spirit made him start his first company at the age of 18, while completing his apprenticeship at the Swiss Bank Corporation. DYNABIT AG, founded in 1988, imported and distributed Apple Macintosh peripherals. Mr. Aegerter led the company through 12 years of steady growth and consistent profitability, increasing its revenue to 30 million dollars by the age of 25.
His second business venture, TRADEX, showcased his vision to disrupt industries through B2B eCommerce. TRADEX, an early Internet commerce company founded in 1996, was the first to offer solutions for digital marketplaces. It was spun off from DYNABIT after it created its own digital market and decided to sell its software to other B2B market makers. As Chairman and CEO of TRADEX from inception to exit, Mr. Aegerter was responsible for setting the strategic direction and product vision for the company; attracting a strong management team; raising venture capital; and driving focused execution. Today Alibaba is the company that has executed on his original vision to the fullest extent.
Mr. Aegerter’s business experience on both sides of the Atlantic, as investor and entrepreneur, gives him unique insights in business formation and capital markets. Over the last decade at ARMADA, Daniel built on his investment experience and worked with many entrepreneurs to help them reach their goals and execute their business plans. He is a hands-on investor and both challenges and supports management to be their best. For his portfolio companies, he enjoys leveraging his extensive, global personal network to link people, ideas and capital. We have led or assisted many significant strategic transformations and capital restructurings in companies that we control or are invested in. As a philanthropist, Mr. Aegerter is committed to power modern civilisation without destroying it. He co-founded Energy for Humanity as a new voice for the pro-nuclear environmental movement.
Mr. Aegerter is a member of the World Economic Forum since 2002.
Daniel S. Aegerter
Daniel S. Aegerter
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