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ARMADA is interested in both, equity investments in fast-growing early stage companies as well as in any kind of special situations in companies with a strong growth potential or clear exit path, in technology, services, real estate, or fund management companies.
Generally, the investment criteria listed here will apply to growth companies, but important elements of them will also apply on a case-by-case basis for special situations.

Disruptive Innovation

A combination of technology, processes and strategy that is applied to disrupt legacy markets, and gain sustainable competitive advantage through:
Cost reductions that multiply market size
Speed of delivery with major improvement in quality of service
Focused sales and marketing systems to create mass customization
Major increases in quality, simplification, or ease of use
Expanded breadth of application
In all cases the benefit return to the customer must be significant, clear, and very easy to demonstrate.

Strong Management

We like to see entrepreneurs who have both a strong vision and proven execution skills.


The company shall have a clear focus regarding both its core activities and its main customer segments. Some emerging businesses try to “hedge their bet” by attempting to serve too many market segments. More often that not, such a hedge turns out to kill the company.


This is one trait that we like to see in the businesses we finance:
Easy to understand business model
Easy to manage as CEO
Easy to communicate to customers

Equity Participation

We do not engage in debt or mezzanine finance. If we take an equity stake, we expect the capital to be used for the expansion of the business, not buying out 3rd parties or parts of the entrepreneur’s stake.
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